B.c. Rich Eagle Deluxe

The B.C. Rich Eagle Deluxe is a high-end electric guitar made by B.C. Rich. It is renowned for its stunning design and superior sound quality, making it a popular choice among musicians and guitarists alike. With its unique features and modern design, the Eagle Deluxe has been a favorite of many guitarists since its introduction.

Design and Features

The B.C. Rich Eagle Deluxe is a sleek, modern-looking electric guitar. It features a mahogany body with an ebony fingerboard, and a mahogany neck. The guitar has a single humbucker pickup, and a single volume and tone knob. The guitar also has a fixed bridge, a tuning peg, and a locking nut. The neck is also equipped with Grover tuners. The guitar is available in various colors and finishes, and is available with or without a Floyd Rose tremolo.

Sound Quality

The B.C. Rich Eagle Deluxe is renowned for its superior sound quality. It has a full-bodied tone, with a bright, sparkling high end and a warm, punchy low end. The humbucker pickup is powerful yet articulate, providing a rich, thick tone. The guitar also has excellent sustain, making it perfect for leads, solos, and other melodic passages. The solid construction of the guitar ensures that it will hold its tuning for a long time. The Grover tuners also help to keep the guitar in tune. The overall sound of the Eagle Deluxe is one that is both powerful and expressive, making it a great choice for a wide range of musical styles.


The B.C. Rich Eagle Deluxe is an extremely playable guitar. Its neck is slender and comfortable to play, and its Grover tuners make it easy to tune and keep in tune. The guitar also has a fixed bridge, which allows for precise intonation and action. The Floyd Rose tremolo system gives the guitar a distinctive sound and allows for precise bends and vibrato. The single humbucker pickup provides plenty of power and articulation, making the Eagle Deluxe perfect for shredding solos and heavy riffing.


The B.C. Rich Eagle Deluxe is built to last. Its mahogany body and neck are incredibly durable and can withstand years of playing. The Grover tuners and locking nut also ensure that the guitar will stay in tune no matter how hard you play it. Additionally, the guitar’s finish is resistant to wear and tear, and will keep its beautiful look for years to come.


The B.C. Rich Eagle Deluxe is an exceptional electric guitar. It offers superior sound quality, excellent playability, and outstanding durability. It is a great choice for guitarists of all levels, from beginners to professionals. Whether you’re looking for a classic rock sound or a modern metal tone, the Eagle Deluxe is the perfect guitar for the job. With its exquisite design and superior craftsmanship, the B.C. Rich Eagle Deluxe is sure to impress anyone who plays it.

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